Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cooking Lab - Pan Fried Spinach and Pork Dumplings (自製波菜豬肉煎餃)

The weather is getting cold and its time to have some comfort food. 

After you checked out this recipe, you will want home-made gyoza/dumplings all the time.

Not only they are simple to make, you can be super generous with the fillings.

Plus you know exactly what goes in, and none of the addictive and preservatives.


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These savory pan fried Japanese style yaki-gyoza/ dumpling appetizers are wrapped with pork and spinach served with a vinegary dipping sauce. 

It's great fun creating these juicy dainty Asian treats; they are so delicious too. Make more than you intended, because they will won't last. 

用小火慢慢煎的酥脆的水餃比較不油膩 ...


- 500g pork mince 

- 1 bunch of spinach 
- 1 packet of dumpling pastry 
- 50ml light soy sauce 
- 40ml oyster sauce 
- 10ml cooking wine 
- 1 tsp sugar 
- 1 tsp chicken powder 
- 5ml seasme oil 
- Salt & pepper 
- 30ml dumpling sauce 
- 50ml cooking oil 
- 50ml water 

1. Place pork mince in a large bowl.

2. Add in the soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, chicken powder and rice wine to the pork mince.

3. Stir to combine.

4. Add roughly chopped spinach to the mixture.

5. It is easier to use your hands to combine the mixture. Mix well.

6. Lastly, add pepper and sesame oil to season. The filling mixture should sticky and full of elasticity. If not, keep on mixing.

Now the fun part:

7. Arrange your gyoza/dumpling work station as shown.

8. Unwrap the pastry from the packet and leave it in room temperature for 5 minutes.

9. You will need a dumpling press maker tool.

10. Use your finger and wet the pastry edges with water.

11. Place the pastry sheet in the dumpling press maker.

12. Add a small teaspoonful of the meat filling amount in the centre.

13. Fold the dumpling maker together and press firmly.

14. Release and remove.

15. Check to make sure the dumplings are sealed well.

16. Or you can just seal the edges with your hands, too.

Using this dumpling maker helps to create consistent beautiful half moons goyza with pleated edges.

18. Arrange Gyoza in an oiled fry pan so they do not overlap each other.

19. Shallow pan fry on high heat.

20. Remove from heat.

21. Serve 5 yaki-gyoza on each tasting plate.

22. Serve with gyoza dipping sauce.

23. The young and old will love a plate of these tasty pork mince dumplings.