Friday, April 4, 2014

Cooking Lab - Wonton Noodles (溫州大餛飩 + 乾拌麵)

Wonton may look complicate to make, but in reality they are quite simple. Make a batch and they can be stored in the freezer for months. 

Tonight, I am serving dry-tossed wonton egg noodles in a peanuty-sesame dressing to complement with these lovely plump home-made wonton. 

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

This comfort-food dish is so hearty, all home-made with goodness and love. 


- 200g pre-seasoned pork mince 
- 1 packet of wonton pastry 
- 1 egg 
- 100ml chicken stock 
- 400g fresh wonton noodles 
- 3 table spoons of sesame jam 
- 10ml black rice vinegar 
- 20ml light soy sauce 
- 3g sugar 
- 3ml sesame oil 
- 5g fried shallot flakes 
- 5g sesame & seaweed seasoning 

1.Please refer to my previous entry for the dumpling meat fillings recipe here:

2. Alternatively, combine minced pork, green vegetables, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper in a large bowl.

3. Add an egg to the mixture.

4. Mix well let it marinate for 15-30 minutes in the fridge.

To make wonton: 

5. Prepare a small bowl of water nearby.

6. Take a sheet of wonton pastry and water the edge with your finger.
7. Spread a small teaspoon of the meat mixture evenly.

8. Leave out the edges.

9. Gather up the wonton edges as if you are scrunching up a piece of paper.

10 There are various wrapping methods. This method is the easiest, most free-flowing and quickest.

11. Do make sure the top edges are sealed tightly.

12. Once you got the hang of it, the process will be a lot quicker and very fun at the same time.

13. Dilute chicken stock with water and bring it to boil over medium heat.

14. Add the wonton to the boiling water.

15. Cook until wonton float to the top.

16. It usually takes 5 minutes.

17. Drain and remove from heat.

18. Set aside.

Don't they look juicy and plump already?

Now for the dry sesame egg wonton noodles: 

19. Blanched the egg wonton noodles in the same boiling chicken stock water for 60 seconds until al dente.

20. Drain and rinse the noodle under cool running water.

21. Combine sesame paste, black rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar in a bowl. Mix well.

22. Pour on top of the cooled egg noodles.

23. Toss to combine the egg noodle and the sesame dressing.
24. Mix well to coat.

25. Place the dry-tossed sesame egg noodle on serving plate.

26. Plate 6-8 wonton per plate per person.

27. Garnish with fried onions, some sesame and seaweed seasonings.

28. If you can take spice well, add a spoonful of chilli paste. 

Serve immediately.

Use the dumpling vinegary dipping sauce if you'd like a stronger flavoring for the wonton.