Friday, January 31, 2014

Cooking Lab - Golden Chives w Prawns (韮黃蝦仁炒蛋)(黃金ニラと海老の塩炒 め)

Golden Chives (韮黃) combines the flavors of garlic and traditional chive, but with a milder and sweeter taste.


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Golden Chives with scramble eggs & prawns.
A super easy dish to make.


- Golden Chives 1 bunch
- Cooked Large Tiger Prawns x 5
- Eggs x 2
- Cooking Rice Wine
- Salt & Pepper


1. Heat pan on high heat, toss in the prawns to add colours. Remove.

2. Add the Golden Chives to the pan and quickly stir-fry for about 1 minute. 

3. Pour in the beaten eggs and let it run to cover the golden chives.

4. Return the prawns to the pan.

5. Sprinkle some salt and add a dash of cooking wine.

6. Season with salt and cracked black pepper.

A bit more delicate than your average green garlic chives. If you don't like strong garlic taste, this chive is for you.

Very versatile, tender, mild and sweet. Good ingredient to any salad, stir-fry, dumpling & soup.

An easy prawn & golden chive stir fry.

Note: if I chopped each ingredients into finer pieces, they can be used as dumpling filling :)

This served really well as a side dish and goes well with sake (Japanese rice wine).

Cooking - Aburi Seafood Sushi Platter (花開富貴御喜錦繡壽司)

After two late nights of festivities ... and feasts ... we are not used to a quiet Saturday morning by ourselves...

This morning is a perfect chance for me to play with my new sushi-making toy!!!

從除夕到大年初一,餐餐都吃得很豐盛,也吃得很「營養」... 所以...

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A light lunch platter with Sushi Maki Rolls and Aburi Salmon & Scallops. 

Preparing Sushi Rice:
Using Tableland Gomokuzushi Vegetable Mix (五目ずしの素) 302g $6.99.

My new Sushi Toy!! A cheating device but guarantee to make precise and beautiful sushi rolls every time!!

I was hooked when I saw the demonstrations, so blinded by the convenience, I bought a set home. Today is the day I am going to see if it works that well!!! We shall see..,
1. Tightly pack Sushi rice into the mould.
2. Place the lid on top and gently push down.
3. Remove the lid and wrap each individual rice roll with seaweed.
There~~ don't they look perfect?

You can use individual seaweed sheet to wrap around them or alternatively you can use bacon stripes or prosciutto as wrappings.

Think it as a craft project, the choices are limitless! 
All done!! 

Hmm... They looked quite plain ... Now for a dress-up!!

本來是做到這𥚃結束,因為小鐡火卷也都做出來了。原本是簡單吃吃就想出去逛逛街,但Picky P 不願只吃無料的壽司。



Eating raw fish is considers lucky during the Chinese New Year. It represents a wish for more wealth~~ Well, that is good ..because I just love my sashimi fish!

Fresh large cooked tiger prawn!~~
干貝,鮭魚,甜蝦 滿足味蕾。會不會太奢侈了點?


New Year Spread

Today is the first day of the Year of Horse - a time destined for fast victories, unexpected adventures and surprising romance~

It's a day to munch on all the lucky food & snacks!! It is all about increasing good fortune ~~

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Tray of togetherness - an assortment of treats to offer guests.

It is customary to invite family and friends over to celebrate the New Year. 


Serving sweets bring a sweet life in the new year.

Longans to bring many sons. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cooking Lab - 'Lucky-Break' Cake (大年初一: 鴻運當頭吉發糕)


A fortune telling cake - just like fortune cookie, except without proverbs or jumble of words.

This 'Lucky-Break' cake will only make an appearance during Chinese New Year. So it's like a speciality cake that you can have once a year.

So how can you tell your fortune for the year? Like Forrest Gump says 'Life is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you will get.' Same rule applies to the Lucky-Break cake.



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恭賀新禧 大團圓
喜上眉梢 好運連
發達亨通 無極限
財源廣進 慶豐年
As the name suggests 'Lucky-Break' cake is all about the lucky break you will get for the rest of the year.

You should try your hand on making one of the Lucky-Break cake on the Lunar New Year. You good fortune forecast depended on how deep and big the breaks (or cracks) are. 


看到這個黑糖發糕開口笑 - 我笑得比他還開心咧!


龍行四海 壽齊天
飛黃騰達 展歡顔
鳳鳴九霄 鴻圖現
舞鳳飛龍 福祿全