Friday, January 31, 2014

Cooking Lab - Golden Chives w Prawns (韮黃蝦仁炒蛋)(黃金ニラと海老の塩炒 め)

Golden Chives (韮黃) combines the flavors of garlic and traditional chive, but with a milder and sweeter taste.


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Golden Chives with scramble eggs & prawns.
A super easy dish to make.


- Golden Chives 1 bunch
- Cooked Large Tiger Prawns x 5
- Eggs x 2
- Cooking Rice Wine
- Salt & Pepper


1. Heat pan on high heat, toss in the prawns to add colours. Remove.

2. Add the Golden Chives to the pan and quickly stir-fry for about 1 minute. 

3. Pour in the beaten eggs and let it run to cover the golden chives.

4. Return the prawns to the pan.

5. Sprinkle some salt and add a dash of cooking wine.

6. Season with salt and cracked black pepper.

A bit more delicate than your average green garlic chives. If you don't like strong garlic taste, this chive is for you.

Very versatile, tender, mild and sweet. Good ingredient to any salad, stir-fry, dumpling & soup.

An easy prawn & golden chive stir fry.

Note: if I chopped each ingredients into finer pieces, they can be used as dumpling filling :)

This served really well as a side dish and goes well with sake (Japanese rice wine).