Friday, January 17, 2014

Snack - Greek Taramasalata Dip

Tasty tangy Greek appetizer that is one of the tastiest meze for all occasions.

Rich & salty but like many Mediterranean dishes, very refreshing and addictive. 

開胃前菜:希臘鹹魚子濃郁沾醬,暱稱為「平民的魚子醬」(粉紅色,用鱈魚子、檸檬汁和橄欖油製成。有點微酸,味道非常清新,感覺起來怎麼吃都不會胖。) 配上義式脆薄餅非常好吃。

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A Greek style caviar spread made from the salty cured roe of cod. Served as a dip with vegetables or as a spread on bread or crackers.

Three Foodies' Fresh Greek Taramasalata Dip 500g $4.99
(Made with imported Greek Caviar)

Smooth and tasty~ 

It is a relative big tub, I am addicted to it with just simple crackers. I'd better come up with different dishes to go with this taramosalata dip before I finished it all.