Friday, January 3, 2014

Cooking Lab - Breakfast Wrap Roll w Basil & Kale Egg

This one of my favourite breakfast snacks....when I get time to make them.

This is an amazing egg/crepe/wrap/burrito breakfast. Adopted from the Taiwanese breakfast Dan Bing (蛋餅) with a western twist~

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

It is basically a thin Spring onion flavored crepe pastry with egg & ham.

- Shallot Pancake crepes x 2
- Basil leaves 1 cup
- Kale leaves 1 cup
- Eggs x 2
- Ham off the Bone x 2
- Salt & Pepper to season.

Normally I just use a plain wrap... But today, I've got something special!!! I've got shallot pancake/crepe for wrapping !!! So excited!~~

1. Heat 1/2 t/s of oil in a fry pan. Cook until the crepe is golden and puffy. Set aside on a serving plate.

It isn't that a pretty sight? Golden, crispy..
2. Put Basil, Kale leaves & egg into a food processor and mix it well.
3. Heat another 1/2t/s of oil and pour the egg mixture over the pan.
4. Before the egg has set, quickly cover with a grilled ham and a cooked crepe and fry until the egg has set.
5. Flip over onto a plate.
When you flip onto the plate - you should have Shallot Pancake crepe at the bottom, then a slice of ham and the Basil&Kale egg should be on top.
6. Roll up the crepe like a Swiss roll and cut into slices.
Breakfast is served!~~
Wow! healthy greenery~~
Basically you can wrap with whatever you fancy! It's as simple as ABC!