Friday, January 17, 2014

Cooking Lab - Oyster Omelette (夜市小吃:蚵仔煎)

The ever-popular signature street food snack. I sudden craved for a delectable oyster omelet and wonder why it is not so accessible here!

Since I slipped and injured my foot so I am house-bound :( So I decided to research on how to make this iconic dish.



It is no longer a rare-find!!!

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Oyster omelet is basically made with egg, fresh oysters, mixture of potato & sweet potato starch and the Baby Chinese Cabbage. Super popular and forever loved!!
The biggest challenge is to find the right vegetable to go with it! This Baby Chinese Cabbage (台式小白菜) $2.20 is what makes an oyster omelette authentic or not. This veg is not widely accessible - hence the scarcity of the dish here in Sydney.

It can be found at a small Korean grocery! 

- Baby Chinese Cabbage x 1 bunch
- A dozen of fresh oysters
- Eggs x 2
- Sweet Potato Starch 2 T/s
- Potato Starch 2 T/a
- Water 1 cup
- Salt 
The ingredients are not unusual, but I think finding the Chinese Baby Cabbage is a must - it just doesn't taste right with any other vegetables (yet, I know some places substitute with other veggies)

Once you gathered all ingredients, you are good to go!!
1. Mixed the potato & sweet potato starch in 1 cup of water. Stir well till no clumps.
2. Combine eggs, salt and pepper and whisk lightly. 
3. Use small non-stick fry pan over medium heat. Spray a thin coat of oil and shallow pan-fry the oysters. Remove from pan.
4. Re-oil the fry pan. Pour in the potato & sweet potato mixture. Then quickly  whisk the eggs in as well.
5. Add the vegetables on top and let it cook through.
6. Followered by the oysters.
7. Flip and the omelette is done!

The key is the starch and make it gelatinous. Get the ratio right and it's a fail-proof recipe!
A sumptuous protein laden meal with fresh oysters, fluffy egg and I managed to to get the distinct wok- flavour on the veggie!!
We are not quite done - the omelette is not complete without the secret sweet sauce. 

It is not ketchup or sweet chili sauce - rather it the ultimate sauce for Asian cuisines. I have searched high and low for the closest authentic taste - and this is the one. 

Again, not all Asian supermarket stock this so try your luck at your local groceries. Without it - nothing is the same.

A gooey, eggy omelette infused with oyster flavour! The Chinese Baby Cabbage provided a contrasting crunch. And of course that sweet secret sauce is a beautiful finish. 
現在想吃蚵仔煎不必飛回去吃。在澳有的就是新鮮的海鮮,想多放些蚵仔、蔬菜還是醬料都沒問題! 超開心!