Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun - Vivid Sydney Light Festival 2014 (雪梨光、聲、創意藝術展)

Event Date: 23/05/2014 - 09/6/2014
Location: Sydney CBD, Circular Quay, Rocks Area & Darling Harbour

Magical Journey Into the Light


Vivid 2014, Sydney's favourite annual festival of lights that brighten up Sydney nightlife. 



(c) GMV - Got My Vote!*\(^o^)/*

This year the light festival has expanded into the Sydney CBD, as well as the Circular Quay/Rocks area plus the Darling Harbour. We were excited to see sparkling, blinking light shows in Martin Place. 



Must-see 2014 Light Feature Shows:

1. Top pick is definitely the hard-to-miss illuminated Sydney Opera House spectacular light shows!




2. A new and an innovative light projection on Commercial Travellers' Association (CTA) Builidng in Martin Place. Watch the tree grow, blossom and decline with butterflies and birds fly around.



3. A face-recognition light installation is very interactive and fun for kids, where you stand at the projection end watch your face pop up in the light sculpture.

4. The best vivid light projections can be seen on the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) building. Be awed in the explosion of colours.



5. Giant Bunny Light Sculpture by the Harbour Bridge. You will find 5 enormous inflated bunny (maybe wallaby or kangaroo) glowing brightly at Hickson Road Reserve.


Take a photo and it will turn out like you cut out a silhouette of a bunny. 

What's the point of a night out without good food?

You don't need to worry. Vivid Sydney has become more than just a light show, it's now offering the very best in food and dining.

After all the amazing light shows, I am sure you will be tired and hungry. This year, the food on offer are superbly delish. There are numerous pop up food stalls and food trucks hitting the streets and serving up some of the best street food in prime location. The hungry spectators will be pleased to see gourmet street food and not the old boring sausage sizzles. 

Tonight, we focused on street truck and food stalls for an assortment of delicious cheap finger and gourmet food instead of the posh fine dining restaurants overlooking the iconic harbour views. 

Our top food picks are:

1. American style pull pork from Eat Art Truck:

It's hard to beat a warmly toasted, well-seasoned famous pull pork bun. Served with mustard cabbage and drizzled in sweet bourbon BBQ sauce ($12). 

Famous Pulled Pork in a Bun $12.00
(w/ Mustard Cabbage & Bourbon BBQ Sauce)

The crispy fries ($5) are indeed crispy. Fresh from the deep-fryers. They are the perfect comfort food in winter.

The aroma of pulled pork and potato is enough to entice a solidly-packed crowd gathered around this small food stall.

2. Mexican Tacos from Organic Street Food: 

Organic Street Food - Nachos (mild) $10.00
(Wagyu beef chili con carne, cheddar, house tomato sauce, chimichurri, sour cream) 

Mexican street food hit the spot with Sydney-siders. Golden crunchy taco corn chips served with flavourful wagyu beef chili con carne, cheddar, house tomato sauce, chimichurri and a giant dollop of sour cream on top ($10). It is certainly moreish and a hearty comfort meal. 

3. Psychedelic Psyndaes Gelato dessert from Messina:

You can NOT go pass Messina's first ever Vivid event. They are offering irresistible $10 dessert tub every night.

Tonight, we got the Kaleidoscope Bombe dessert tub, and it contained mango sorbet gelato, raspberry puree and crushed shortbread crunch. All topped with a large torched soft Italian meringue. A gorgeous dessert to be enjoyed under the light festival.

Now I am keen to try the other 3 flavours - Trifley Trippy, Psychedelic Spider and Silly Cone Chips.

Oops..... I  might fell in love under the shimmering neon LED night, giant moon bunny and a tub of Messina's hypnotic sweets.




2014 Vivid Sydney is on every evening from 6:00pm until Monday 9 June 2014.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cooking Lab - Pearl Mushroom with BBQ Pork (珍珠茹快炒叉燒肉)

The combination of barbecue pork stir-fry with pearl mushrooms in oyster sauce and dry sherry tastes just delicious. 

These bouquets of young pearl mushroom are a delight. You will fall in love with these juicy and tender mushrooms. 

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

Roasted BBQ pork can be purchased at any Asian BBQ pork shops. Omit this ingredient for a vegetarian dish.


- 250g roasted bbq pork 
- 250g pearl mushroom 
- 3 tablespoon oyster sauce 
- 1 table spoon soy sauce 
- 1 teaspoon sugar 
- 1 teaspoon dry sherry 
- 1/2 teaspoon chicken powder 
- 30g green shallot 
- 50g snow pea sprouts 
- 3 tablespoon chicken stock 
- 30g ginger sliced 
- 1/2 small chili 
- Salt and pepper 


1. Mix oyster sauce, sugar, chicken powder and soy sauce in a small bowl.

2. Heat peanut oil in a hot wok. Add ginger slices and stir-fry for 10 seconds.

3. Add pearl mushrooms and stock.

4. Stir fry for 3 minutes and add the sauce mixture.

5. The mushroom will turn golden and starting to absorb the sauce.

6. Continue stirring until the stock liquid is reduced.

7. Add dry sherry 1 minute before removing from heat.

8. The mushroom should look moist and super tender. 

9.Slice BBQ pork into thin slices.

10. Plate the cooked mushroom on a bed of young snow pea sprouts.

The heat of the stir-fry will semi-cook the snow pea sprouts.

11. Top with BBQ pork slices.

12. Season with sesame seeds and cracked pepper.

This sherry-spiked stir-fry add a finess touch to this dish. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cooking Lab - Simple Scotch Beef Minute Steak Dinner Set (日式小缽碗餐之二)

Scotch fillet is my favourite beef cut because of its succulent, tender texture. Preparation is quite minimal to deliver a satisfying flavour. 

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

It's time for some lovely tender scotch beef steak. 

Today's recipe is a simple scotch beef minute steak dinner set. Served with 3 small portions of salads and rice. 


- 500g premium Scotch beef fillet 
- 10ml red wine 
- 10ml Worcestershire sauce 
- 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 
- Salt and pepper 
- 200g chili chicken noodle salad 
- 200g pesto barley rice 
- 200g tuna salad 
- 2 tablespoon yogurt dressing 


1. Thinly slice the scotch fillet into 2-3 cm thickness.

2. Pound the steak into 1 cm thickness.

3. Season with red wine, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper.

4. Drizzle lightly with olive oil.

5. Give the minutes steaks a good rub on both sides.

6. Heat up a fry pan on high heat.

7. Add the steak to the pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side.

8. Transfer the steaks to a plate to rest.

9. Serve 1/2 tablespoon of yogurt dressing by the side.

10. Serve with pre-made salads and barley rice as part of the dinner set.

I served the beef steaks in a dinner set style. Two to three side salad dishes are enough to complemented the main beef dish. A bowl of pesto barley rice is included. 

You can pre-made all the side dishes in advance. Or to save time, any pre-made deli style dishes also work well. 

Anyway... Yum!~~