Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cooking - Flame Grilled Aburi Scallops (炙烤北海道刺身大干貝)

I absolutely adore aburi scallops and it was love at first bite. Usually you will find these delicacies in sushi restaurants. 

Aburi style cooking is essentially searing on a high flame. You will achieve a beautiful smokey char on the surface and a super moist taste. 

Love these delicate aburi-style scallops, being fat, juicy and lightly seared. This appetizer entree is a big HIT!

Definitely a delight if you love scallops.

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我超級喜歡鮮干貝,只要想到,看到就會牙癢癢的。我的最愛當然是北海道的超大刺身等級的干貝囉!~ 無論是生食,香煎或焗烤都各有風味。



顆顆飽滿,口口享受....等等,那不是要擺盤的嗎? Huh...我在試吃,看有沒有熟...



- 20 fresh sashimi grade scallops 
- 100g fresh baby snow pea sprouts 
- 4 baby pink radish 
- 20g pickled ginger 
- 5g pink sea salt crystal 
- 10ml soy sauce 
- 5g wasabi paste 


1. Pat dry the scallops and place them on an oven proof aluminium sheet.

2. Turn the gas flame torch on high.

3. Lightly sear the top of each scallop for 10 seconds.

The scallops are flame grilled on high heat so that the insides are barely cooked and retained that delicious fresh sashimi texture with a hint of smokiness. You should see the lovely char marks and the scallop texture will remain supple and bouncy when you touch it.


4. Use a stone plate and arrange 5 aburi scallops on top of the pink radish slices.

5. Season with pink salt crystals.

6. Scatter some baby snow pea sprouts around.

7. Garnish with pickled ginger.

8. Serve with wasabi soy sauce on the side.



新鮮干貝散發微微炙烤的香氣,干貝的鮮味還是完整保存。豪邁的一口入肚,這機會可是千載難逢,不吃還等什麼? 喔!對了,母親大人請先用...

They almost melted in my mouth. A perfect celebratory and elegant appetizer. Everyone will be wowed by it and they are so simple to make.