Friday, January 31, 2014

Cooking - Aburi Seafood Sushi Platter (花開富貴御喜錦繡壽司)

After two late nights of festivities ... and feasts ... we are not used to a quiet Saturday morning by ourselves...

This morning is a perfect chance for me to play with my new sushi-making toy!!!

從除夕到大年初一,餐餐都吃得很豐盛,也吃得很「營養」... 所以...

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!'

A light lunch platter with Sushi Maki Rolls and Aburi Salmon & Scallops. 

Preparing Sushi Rice:
Using Tableland Gomokuzushi Vegetable Mix (五目ずしの素) 302g $6.99.

My new Sushi Toy!! A cheating device but guarantee to make precise and beautiful sushi rolls every time!!

I was hooked when I saw the demonstrations, so blinded by the convenience, I bought a set home. Today is the day I am going to see if it works that well!!! We shall see..,
1. Tightly pack Sushi rice into the mould.
2. Place the lid on top and gently push down.
3. Remove the lid and wrap each individual rice roll with seaweed.
There~~ don't they look perfect?

You can use individual seaweed sheet to wrap around them or alternatively you can use bacon stripes or prosciutto as wrappings.

Think it as a craft project, the choices are limitless! 
All done!! 

Hmm... They looked quite plain ... Now for a dress-up!!

本來是做到這𥚃結束,因為小鐡火卷也都做出來了。原本是簡單吃吃就想出去逛逛街,但Picky P 不願只吃無料的壽司。



Eating raw fish is considers lucky during the Chinese New Year. It represents a wish for more wealth~~ Well, that is good ..because I just love my sashimi fish!

Fresh large cooked tiger prawn!~~
干貝,鮭魚,甜蝦 滿足味蕾。會不會太奢侈了點?