Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cooking Lab - Dumpling Riches (年菜之八: 吉祥滾滾金元寶)

This is an indispensable dish for Chinese New Year dinner. 

Many believe eating lots of them during Chinese New Year will invite good fortune because dumpling resembles gold ingot (元寶) that was used as currency for the riches & nobles.

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!


Love these!! The round shape means your prosperity will roll on forever !!


Instead of getting the most Asian dumplings, I opted for this Korean type! 

Tightly wrapped and so roly-poly plump shaped. Money, money roll to me ~~

This is the pork & chive flavor - because chive leeks (韮菜) are homophone of 'longevity and everlasting' in Mandarin and everyone know pig always bring good fortune. 

We do put in some thought into the dishes!! It is not merely just a grab n go at the supermarket~~ :D

This is one of my favourite plates!  The peony represents high position, great wealth and prosperity. The flowers-and- birds design convey an endless happiness and is forever green.

Always stack it away for safe-keeping ... But that is silly isn't it!! 


Take a photo of it ... Just in case :)
Pan fry the dumplings to get that golden glistening colour - closer resemblance to gold!! 

(Steamed/boiled dumplings = silver ingots)
(Fried dumplings = gold ingots)

Have one of these humble dumplings but loaded with promises of good fortune~~

Heck, they tasted fantastic too!!