Monday, April 21, 2014

Cooking Lab - Quick Fried Rice w Shrimp Paste (蝦醬蛋炒飯)

Love a quick fried rice on a cold night. 

The trick is to use leftover rice, crack an egg, stir around with your favorite ingredients (or leftovers) ... and done!

The shrimp paste adds depth and flavour to the ordinary fried rice. A good hearty meal within 20 minutes. 

No cooking talent required!


(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

Shrimp paste also known as belacan, is a popular ingredient used in Southeast Asian stir-fry dishes. It is commonly appeared in Thai and Malaysian cuisines. It has got a strong smell and a small amount should suffice. 


- 2 cups of cooked rice 

- 20g shrimp paste 
- 2 beaten eggs 
- 1 cup of frozen pea 
- 10g green shallots 
- 20g mini vine capsicum 
- 40g pork mince 
- 5ml light soy sauce 


1. Heat oil in a fry pan over high heat, add in chopped shallots and pork mince, stir fry till brown and fragrant.

2. Add in the shrimp paste and stir fry briskly and quickly.

3.Stir in the beaten eggs and cook until scramble.

4. Add in the rice and coat thoroughly.

5. Add in the frozen pea.

6. Add in the capsicum slices.

7. Season with little light soy sauce.

(Tip: The shrimp paste is inherent quite salty, soy sauce can be omitted. I use light soy sauce for its low salt-content.) 

8. Continue stir-fry until well seasoned.

9. Garnish with more sauteed capsicums and green shallots on top.

10. Serve hot.

If you like it spicy, add some chili oil. Shrimp paste matches extremely well with chili.