Monday, April 21, 2014

Cooking Lab - Tofu Stacks

One of the tastiest way to cook tofu is to make tofu steak. This dish shows a different way to serve tofu. Not just a boring plain tofu dish but a vibrant tofu stack served with shiitake mushrooms, snow pea and baby capsicums.

It is high in protein and low in fat.

Who says meat lovers have all the fun? 
Vegetarian healthy dish like this one can be equally delicious.

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!


- 1 packet of tofu 
- 100g fresh snow pea 
- 50g shiitake mushroom 
- 50g capsicum 
- 2 tablespoon of cooking oil 
- 50ml vegetable stock 
- 5ml mirin 
- 20ml light soy sauce 
- 10g pickled ginger 
- Salt and pepper


1. Slice drained tofu into 6 x 6 squares.

2. Pat dry with paper towel.

3. Lightly coat each tofu slice with flour.

4. Heat oil in a skillet and fry the tofu until each side is crispy and golden.

Doesn't this tofu steak look like grilled haloumi cheese? 
5. Remove and set aside to cool.

6. Saute snow peas in olive oil then add in the shiitake mushrooms.

7. Add in the fried tofu steaks.

8. Season with soy sauce and allow to cook until lightly golden.

9. Add vegetable stock and mirin and let it simmer.

10. Allow the tofu and the snow pea to absorb the liquid.

11. Braise for 5 more minutes.

12. In the final minutes, add in baby capsicum slices.

13. Stack 4 tofu steaks on each serving plate.

14. Garnish with shallot and pickled ginger.

A healthy simple vegetarian dish that even makes kids love their tofu.