Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dining - Public Dining Room @ Balmoral Beach

Add: 2A Esplanade Mosman NSW 2088 
Tel: (02) 9968 4880


This is a stunning posh beachside restaurant with uninterrupted majestic views over Balmoral Beach. 

It is refined, modern and elegant. 

It's all about having the best here!

Am I complaining? Of course! 
I want this every day!~  

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From the moment I stepped in, I knew this was not your casual cafe dining. 

Everywhere you looked, it smelled of money: heavy cash injections to recreate a 'relaxed' elegant beach style and the cash-loaded Mosman residents waved their black American Express cards in their glittering Rolex and diamond hands to get attention.

The service was of course impeccable.

The meal was superbly well-executed with fresh local produces.

A fine Mosman housing


In case you are wondering, I don't think you come in here with a wet bottom and sandy legs for a post-swim snack. 

We are shown to a prime seating where a large panel of glass window separate between us and the yacht-dotted harbour views.

From the moment we sat down, we knew this would be a fine classy dining experience.

The late-Summer menu looked appealing with a strong seafood presence and consisted of nice Mediterranean/Italian driven dishes. 

It was all about elegant beautiful food here and we could not wait.

Pasta - Strozzapreti, eastern king prawns, nz clams, chilli, zucchini, Sardinian bottarga $36.00

Our first main was the Strozzapreti pasta twirl in midst of  eastern king prawns and New Zealand clams spiced with mild chili.

I was so looking forward to the exotic Sardinian bottarga scattered generously over the the pasta.  Unfortunately it must be a rare commodity now, the kitchen obviously skimped it. We couldn't taste much of the bottarga . If they serve bottarga by the slice or a rich bottarga sauce on top this pasta - it would've been a sensational dish to die for.

'Melting' Huon Valley Tasmanian Salmon (sous vide), snow pea purée, shimeji mushrooms, beurre blanc & hazelnut $37.00

This 'Melting' Huon Valley Tasmanian Salmon looked just lovely and light.  

This salmon was plated prettily with the soft creamy pea puree. The hazelnut sprinkles supposed to add texture to the dish, but I did not fancy the side garnishes that much.

True to the name, the salmon was so buttery-soft to cut through. 

It was incredibly sweet and tender and it definitely delivered a melt-in-your-mouth taste sensation. Of course, no one can fault the artful crunchy golden skin.

To me, this beautiful sous vide cooked salmon was the main star and the sides should not take away from its limelight. I'd happily have this salmon over and over again.

It was just a truly amazing dish.

I heard the desserts here are definitely worth the wait.
You can skip the entree and the main, but you must save room for desserts. 

While we wait for the desserts to arrive, we enjoyed watching families and surfers enjoy the blue-skied beach sunshine from our air-conditioned vantage point.

Soft centred chocolate pudding, rhubarb compote, caramel powder, hibiscus ice cream & textures $19.00


We sighed at the marvelous presentation of this soft centred chocolate pudding. 

It was vibrant and vividly arranged with rhubarb compote and caramel powder. The delicate hibiscus ice cream was so heavenly, we wanted more.

The chocolate pudding was warm and when we sliced it through, the rich chocolate lava flow out.

I must admit, it was quite a satisfying visual feast.

Earl grey creme brûlée with Apple compote & berries $17.00

Our second dessert - the Earl grey creme brûlée dimmed next to the stunning chocolate pudding. 

This dessert is much lighter and softer on the palate. It probably goes nicely with a pot of freshly brewed tea.

I was 100% satisfied with the previous dessert so I wan't too fussed about this one.

I love the open-plan interior decoration here. The use of floor to ceiling windows that overlook the Balmoral beach is simply clever. They also install large mirror panels on the wall to enlarge the dining space and reflect the beautiful glistering ocean views. 

I can only say, this place sparkles. 
Every diners I saw were impeccably dressed - not the frilly-dressy race wear look, but more of a Ralph Lauren classic attire. I suspected their yachts are parked in front of the restaurant, swaying in rhyme with the sparkling waves.

Ah ~ the sign of good fortunate life with a high 'keep-up-with-the-appearance' maintenance fee.


The meal was slightly on the expensive side but well worth it on a perfect Sydney beach day. 

Parking is ridiculously expensive at $12/hour, next time, I will come by personal yacht.

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