Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cooking Lab - Mini Shepherd Pie Appetizer in Bouille Bowls

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I love any food served in petite size, like canapés, finger food and of course French food - because small-portion size dishes are just so cute!

Tonight, I am making mini Shepard's Pie in small ceremic Bouille bowls. It is the perfect individual serving portion and look so darn adorable too!

You can serve these mini pies at your dinner party and each children can have their each own pie. 

Who says Sheperd's Pie have to be with lamb? Tonight, I am substituting the filling with my Ragu Bolognese Sauce!

Also instead of using mash potato, I've decided to use hash browns - because that is what I have on hands :) - Plus they are time savers and convenient. I have to say, it turned out/tasted so much better than the original recipe!

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These are mini, simple and yummy.
In all honesty, I think this recipe is the perfect medium to use up all your leftovers and turn into a nice gourmet snack.

TIME SAVING TIP: Use Hash Browns instead of making mashed potatoes from scratch.
LEFTOVER USAGE: You can use any pre-made sauce or curry paste or leftover roast vegetables as the fillings.
Puff Pastry x 2 sheets 
- Beef Ragu Sauce 
- Frozen Pea 50g 
- Hash Brown x 2 pieces 
- Egg x 1 
- Pizza Cheese 50g 
- Fresh Parsley 10g 
- Loose Garden Salad 30g 
- Salt & Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 180C.
2. I use the leftover beef ragu sauce in these mini Shepherd pies (you can substitute it with other pre-made sauce or curry paste). 
3. Lightly grease the ceramic Bouille bowls with butter and beaten egg mixture.
4. Cut the pastry into round circles and press into the bowl base and sides.

5. Spoon the Ragu beef mixture into 4 individual ovenproof Bouille bowls. Thrown in some peas. (You can use any other leftover vegetables too).

6.Top each bowls with Hash Brown potato pieces.
7. Scattered some pizza cheese on top.

8. Place in preheated oven and bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden and bubbling.

You can serve these mini pie in the Bouille Bowls as it is.
Doesn't the pie looks like a darn darling appetizer.

9. Scatter some chopped parsley chives and serve immediately.

The cross-section of these mini pies. Yum!
Everyone will love these high-fibre shepherd's pies and the fun finding the hidden vegs. 

These adorable miniature Shepherd's Pies are the perfect entree at your dinner party and each children can each have their own pie. 

They are mini, they’re easy to make and they're gonna go fast!