Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cooking Lab - Smoked Salmon Rillettes

I know, a fancy French name! But these are considered everyday fate. If you are not from France, you can certainly introduce it to your guests. It is basically a sophisticated spreadable smoked salmon pate!

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You can't really go wrong with this winning recipe! So scrumptious too!
Perfectly elegant and scrumptious for a dinner party.

It is super easy to make and will set a lasting impression on your guests. People will rave about this elegant spread! 
- Smoked Salmon 500g
- French Onion x 1
- Fresh Dill 50g
- Lemon Juice 
- Ryvita Wholegrain Rye Crispbread x 8
- Salt & Black pepper
1Check smoked salmon for fine fish bones.
2. Place smoked salmon, French onion and dill into the blender.
3. Add lemon juice.

4. Set on high and blend the mixture coarsely.

5. Season with rock salt and cracked pepper.

6. I served it on whole grain rye crisp crackers, but it would go equally nice on toasted sourdough baguettes.

The Rillettes can be made up to 2 days before and refrigerated. (I love Smoked Salmon - they usually last if you have a power failure) σ^_^;
Now, where is my cold flute of dry sparkling rosé?