Friday, September 13, 2013

Cooking Lab - Corn on the Cob in Asian BBQ flavour (夜市燜烤玉米)

This receipt will make the best corn cob you've ever eaten. So morishly delicious!!

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!" (^_-)v

Look at these beautiful 2-tones corns!!! Refreshingly gorgeous. 

Even though I am not much a corn-lover, I bought 5 on impulse! Now my challenge is to come up with something delicious!!

I am planning to do an Asian & Mexican Streets corn cob sampler!! 


*Oyster Sauce 蠔油 1t/s
Soya Sauce 1t/s
*Sugar Syrup 1t/s
*Sesame Paste 芝麻醬 1.5t/s
*BBQ sauce 沙茶醬 1.5t/s
Crushed garlic and shallots 蒜末

將醬料所有材料混合均勻 (調起來非常濃稠。)
Chung Jung Ong Oyster Sauce - Seafood Flavour 250g

Original Sesame Jam 369g 醬道-原味芝麻醬
(Black sesame, white sesame, soybean oil & peanut)

Ottogi Korean Corn Syrup 700g

Bull Head Babecue Sauce 127g 牛頭牌沙茶醬 (soybean oil, brill fish, garlic, dried shrimp, sesame, coconut powder, chilli powder, garlic and shallot)
Coat the corns well with the secret prepared sauce.(邊烤玉米邊刷醬汁直到醬汁收乾在玉米上即可享用。)