Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cooking - Olive-infused Sourdough Platter

Whenever I go out for fine dinings, I have to secretly admit, the warm bread they served at the beginning usually had a longest lasting impression on me.

You can tell so much about the restaurant and the quality of the food based on the type of bread/rolls they serve. 

The feel of a warm rustic bread roll in your palm is indeed a very satisfying feeling. Especially with house truffle butter or dip in aged balsamic vinegar as a condiment ..  I don't know those bread tasted pretty awesome.

I've always resisted the bread at the start of a gourmet meal, mainly because: first, they are complementary and secondly, they fill you up quite quickly and spoil your appetite for the rest of the meal. 

Honestly, at one stage I really want to purchase those bread after a fine gourmet meal, but my companion veto against the idea and suggested cheap and cheerful bakeries be our dining destinations for the future. That shuts me up. But still.....

Tonight. I just want those 'complementary' bread platter with assorted dips without criticisms.

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I have tried to source the best possible ingredients I can get my hands on. Here there are. They tasted pretty good together if I may say so myself.  :D
Artisan Olive Infused Sourdough Baguette $4.95

I absolutely adore sourdough. 

A good sourdough is an end product of an honest day's work. They should be patiently made and honoring the the goodness of nature and precious of time.

You can get sourdough at any artisan bakeries as well as farmer's market and delis. The loaves are more dear than the average mass-commercialized bread, but they are really worth it for tastiness and nutritional values.

Today I got an olive-infused sourdough baguette. Toasted lightly to bring up the flavor up a notch. This loaf is made freshly today, so you can consume it as it is.  LOVE freshly made bread!
Dukkah 180g $9.90
(Mixed sesame, coriander seeds, roast hazelnuts, cumin, pistachio, sea salt)

Dukkah is the crumbly middle-eastern spice and nut mix. Originate from Egypt. 
It is very versatile and can be used on almost anything.

How I use Dukkah tonight:
-Fold into a plain hommus/dip for nutty taste, or
- Dip the bread in extra virgin olive oil and lightly coated with Dukkah.

I just love the nice, fine crumbly nut texture and the salty crunch on the bread.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Truffle Balsamic Vinegar I used tonight.

di LUSSO Mudgee - Olio Di Lusso (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) 2008 - Tuscan Blend 250ml.

(Product Information - Add: Di Lusso Estate Eurunderee Lane Mudgee NSW 2850.

MAZZETTI - Truffled Condiment with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 250ml
Product of Italy.
Raw Hummus Dip 250g (A Blend of Nuts and Tahini) $5.90
LLOYD BROTHERS Wine & Olive Company - Kalamata Pesto 120g
(Kalamata Olives, garlic, water, vinegar and salt)

(Product Information: Add: Warners Road McLaren Vale SA 5171

All ready! 
Eat away however you please!