Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cooking Lab - Teppan Yaki Soba (鉄板焼そば)

Being away for a week certainly leave the fridge pretty bare.

Before replenish the stock, I just need to make do with what is left and come up with something pretty spectacular otherwise we are going to eat out!

Simple and delicious Teppan Yaki Soba that is ready in 15 minutes

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!" (^_^)

Teppan means Hot Iron Plate in Japanese. Teppan YakiSoba simply means stir-fry Yaki Soba noodles on a hot iron plate.

Tonight, its just the good o French TAFAL non-stick frying pan to create the same effect :) 

- Yaki Soba noodles x 3 packs.
- Pork loin slices 100g
- Broccoli 
- Mushrooms 2 cups 
- Shaved Bonito flakes
- Japanese mayonnaise.

(Like pizza, yakisoba is pretty much a japanese dish for the leftovers. You can add carrots or other greeneries, prawns or beef for more gourmet taste.)
Cooking Direction (美味しい召し上がり方):

1. Heat a small amount of oil. Stir fry meat & vegetables as desired. (フライパンに少量の油引き,肉,野菜等お好みの具お炒めて下さい。)

2.Add Yaki soba noodles 1/4 cup of water, yakisoba sauce and mix well. 

3. Serve on a dish. Garnish with pickled ginger and dried bonito flakes.
Product Information:

a) MIYAKOICHI(都一)Yaki Soba Noodles 3 packs. Product of Japan.

b) Sliced Pork Loin 豚シャフ  薄切リ(Ideal for Stir-fry or Hot Pot シャブシャブ用スライス) 500g $9.50

c) Marutomo マルトモ - Dried & Shaved Bonito 花かつお. 25g Product of Japan.

A pretty tasty dish with limited ingredients. Just in time to catch the 8:30pm movie session :)