Monday, September 9, 2013

Cooking Lab - Wagyu Beef Yakiniku & Miso Nabe

The weather is so unpredictable these days. Hot one day cold the next. Basically we are moving into the warmer seasons .., so this is my last chance to enjoy my favorite winter meals - Miso Nabe & Yakiniku!!

Nabe is essentially the Japanese Hot Pot where everyone surrounded the bubbling ceramic pot filled with winter goodness.  

Yakiniku is the Japanese style BBQ cooked at the dining table, waiting in the anticipation while the meat is cooked is the happiest joy for a lot of Japanese.

Always a joyous experience for me~!

(c) GMV - Got My Vote" (^_^)v

Main 1: Waygu Beef Yakiniku with Sake shots.
Main 2: Miso Seafood Nabe Pot.
Ingredients (for 2):

- Scallops x 2
- Oysters x 6
- Assorted Fish Cakes 2 of each
- Silken Tofu x 1 tube
- Cabbage x 1/4
- Slim Leek x 1
- Carrot x 1
- Ginko x 1 handful
- Agar Noodle x 1 pack
- Miso
- Seafood Soup Base  

- Premium Wagyu Beef slices x 300g
- Pickled Raddish round slices x 1 pack
- Mild Chilli/Green Capsicum
- Fresh Hydro-lettuces
- Korean Kimchi and/or black braised beans  
- Japanese soya based BBQ sauce
Wagyu Karubi 300g @ $60/kg

(Product Infornation:
Osawa Enterprises, 15 Bellfrog Street Greenacre)
KIBUN 紀文-  Uogashi Age (Fried Fish Cakes with Tofu) 魚河岸あげ - 白身の魚とトーフ&メグス 140g
DAISHO SENGYOTEI 鮮魚亭 - Miso Nabe Soup 鮭みそ鍋 $7.99
(濃厚みそ仕立て、Salmonにもよく合う。750g 3-4人前)

This is a wonderful concentrated seafood soup base. Thick and full of favors. It goes well with seafood, salmon particularly. 

If you don't have time to brew soup base from scratch, this is a good substitute.

1. Pour the Miso Soup base into the pot and let it boil. (Tip: I added 1 cup of water as miso soup flavor tends to get saltier once it is boiled). If you want more intense miso taste you can also add 1 teaspoon of miso paste.

2. Add ginkos, cabbages, carrots and tofu in first (Tip: the longer these are cooked, the more flavorsome they will be. Let them have the opportunity to soak up the soup base).

3. Wait for the second boiling point. Then add the sliced leeks. Then the fish cakes. Let it boil again.

4. Lastly, add the scallops and the oysters (I forgot the prawns!!!) [You do not want to overcook theses fresh seafood produce. They should be in for a couple of minutes just before serving.]

5.Serve Nabe in personal portable ceramic pots and let them sit on low simmer.

6. Add the Agar Noodles towards the end of the Nabe (You can add udon or soba noodles or rice.) You add this last as they will soak up all remaining soup base. 

[Note: I used Agar Agar Noodles because  they are low in carb, contain no sodium, zero calories and is fat free!! They also reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, body fat & blood pressure and raise metabolism! Hail as a miracle food!!

For me, anyway, it is a great substitute for carb noodles as they also contain good source of fibre. They are commonly used in the Japanese ordinary culinary dishes.]

For the Second Main Event - Yakiniku (焼き肉)!!!

1. Super easy! Just grill the meat to your liking! 
(Listen to the sizzling sound of the meat and watch the marbling of these premium Wagyu beef melt.... Totally excited!!! Ohhhh.... They are super tender and tasty!!)
2.Dip the meat in the Japanese BBQ sauce or also known as 'tare たれ' condiment. ( Tonight, I am using the soya sauce flavor.)

3.Typically Yakiniku is served with rice. Tonight, I am changing the serving style to a Got My Vote style!!

4. Take a freshly washed hydro-lettuce leaf, add a slice of the pickled raddish, then add the Yakiniku (already dipped in the sauce) sided with with a mild bell pepper. Fold as if you are eating a wrap or a Vietnamese roll.

(Note: Don't be fooled by the chilli - these variety are super mild, no chilli taste at all! They tasted like a green capsicum only better.) [For people who like a bit of kick add some korean kimchi before wrapping it up.])

5. Serve together with sake shots for the adults..  :D

It is super refreshing and morish, that you will go back for more servings!!!!

The best family fun meal!