Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cooking Lab - Steamed Melon with Fish & Pork Stuffing and Goji Berry

This is a popular south-eastern delicacy. It looks stunning and festive. Perfect as an entree or an appetizer. You can substitute bitter melon with cucumber or any similar vegetables. 

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- 2 bitter melons 
- 300g minced meat 
-200g shiitake mushroom 
-200g fresh coriander 
-150g fish paste 
-2 tablespoon soy sauce 
-2 teaspoon sugar 
-1 tablespoon cooking wine 
-1 teaspoon sesame oil 
-1/2 teaspoon chicken powder 
-1/2 teaspoon sugar 
-50g goji berry 


1. Cut each bitter melon into 3-4 large pieces.

2.Spoon out the seeds in the middle.

3.Combine the minced pork with chopped shiitake mushroom.

4. Add soy sauce, cooking wine, salt and pepper and sesame oil. Mix it well.

5. Let the meat marinade for at least 15 minutes.

6.Mix chopped coriander with the mince mixture.

7. Add in the fish paste.

8. Pound the mixture until you get a good sticky elasticity.

9. Put on a glove and stuff a handful of mixture into the hollow melon cask.

10. Overstuff the melon with stuffing meat mixture until it forms a small dome.

11.Continue with all melon.

12. Line the steamer with baking paper.

13. Place the stuffed melons inside the steamer.

14. Steam on high temperature for 30 minutes or until the meat cooked through.

15. Scatter some goji berry in the steamer in the final minutes prior serving.

Bitter melon is considered as a super vegetable and it is best known for being effective in treating and preventing diabetes. 

A delicious and nutritious dish packed with health benefits

It is now ready to serve!