Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cooking Lab - Weekend Brunch: Open Truffle Egg Sandwich (元氣早餐: 歐風松露蛋吐司)

Winter is not just about cold and misery. Winter is also about truffle season. Luckily I've got new truffle condiments to experiment with. 

Add a few drops of precious truffle oil and they will instantly transform an ordinary meal into something decadent. 


(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

This weekend's brunch is a crunchy golden toast topped with soft running yolk infused with truffle oil. So evil but so yum. 


- 4 eggs 
- 4 rustic thick toast 
- 2 ripe avocado 
- 200g shaved ham 
- 50g roasted pine nuts 
- 2 tablespoon truffled olive oil 
- 2 teaspoon truffle mustard 
- Pink sea salt & cracked black pepper to season.


1. Crack the eggs in a fry pan.

2. Drizzle with truffle olive oil.

3. Fold and set aside.

4. Drizzle some light olive oil on the rustic toasts.

5. Grill in the oven until golden and toasty on both sides.

6. Lavishly spread avocado on the toast.

7. Top with grilled shaved ham slices.

.   8. Place the truffle egg on top.

9. Scatter with toasted pine nuts.

10. Garnish with truffle mustard on top.

11.Serve with pink salt and crack black pepper.

有了這幾罐松露調味, 在家也可以隨時亂玩做出新式早餐花樣。下次再變出新的豐盛菜色~

What a luxurious open-faced sandwich that oozes with running egg yolk and aromatic truffle oil? 

Definitely a classy touch to a boring fried egg sandwich