Friday, June 27, 2014

Cooking Lab - Stir-Fry Zucchini & Eggs

Zucchinis are one of my favorite vegetables. Zucchinis and eggs make a good combination. Add some salami to make a pretty and colorful vegetable side dish.

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!


- 300g zucchini 
- 100g salami 
- 2 eggs 
- Salt and pepper 
- 30ml canola oil


1. Cut zucchini and salami into long slices.

2. Heat the oil in the pan.

3. Add in the zucchini strips and fry until cooked.

4. Then add in the salami slices.

5. Stir the zucchini & salami to aside and crack in the eggs.

6. Stir to break the eggs up.

7. Season with salt and pepper.

8. Serve with rice.