Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cooking Lab - Ragu Bolognese Pasta

I love Ragu! After a eating out some mediocre pasta at premium price, I've decided to roll up my sleeve and create a good pasta that I enjoy the most.

When you add beef slowly cook down with red wine, tomato and stock essence, you are bound to get a magical meal. 

The secret for a special Ragu is the long cooking time. Time is so necessary to have the ingredients' flavour mixed well together.

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This is definitely my go-to comfort food dish. 
An all-time family's favourite. 

The key point to a really good ragu is to use a variety of mince, slowly braise in crushed tomatoes. Give it time and you will get a thick bolognese sauce with a depth of flavour.


- 300g beef mince 
- 200g pork mince 
- 2 onions 
- 2 cans of chopped tomato 
- 400ml beef stock 
- 50ml olive oil 

- 30g unsalted butter
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1 packet of pasta 
- 300ml red wine 
- 50ml worcestershire sauce 
- 50g fresh herbs 
- 100g shaved parmesan cheese 
- Salt and pepper to season


1. Heat the olive oil and butter in a heavy bottomed pan

2. Cook the diced onions over medium heat.

3. Stir in the mince meats and season with pepper.

4. Stir in the worcestershire sauce.
5. Stir in the chopped tomato.

6. Add the beef stock to the meat mixture.

7.Let the meat mixture simmer slowly for 45 minutes or until it reduce to a thick paste.
8. In a separate pot, cook pasta according to the instructions on the the packet.

9. Cook to al dent.

10. Drain and remove.

11. Divide pasta into 6 equal portions.

12. Top the pasta with Ragu Bolognese sauce.

13. Add shaved Parmesan cheese on top.

14. Lightly garnish with fresh parsley.

15. Season with salt and pepper.

A warm hearty pasta dish for the cold rainy nights. 

This pasta dish may look too fancy for everyday, but it is actually quite easy to prepare. 

A perfect match with the some dukkah-crusted lamb cutlets~~ Yum-mo