Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cooking Lab - Honeyed French Crumbed Cutlets w Cous Cous Salad

Another day pouring with heavy rain.
Such a miserable day to stay indoor.

Oh well, at least we can jazzed up our dinner meal to something absolutely scrumptious yummy.....Yes! It's lamb, good Aussie lamb cutlets!!~~

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Honeyed crumbed French lamb cutlets with cous cous salad in Plum Lime dressing.
This is really a recipe of 2 dishes that are cooked separately and then brought together in the end.

Ingredients for the Lamb Cutlets:
- 4 Frenched lamb cutlets 
- 2 T/s of honey 
- 1 crushed clove of garlic
- 1 egg
- Breadcrumbs to coat
- Salt & Pepper

For Cous Cous Salad:
- 1 cup of Cous Cous 
- 1 cup of boiling hot water 
- 1 truss tomato finely chopping
- 1/2 French onion finely cubed
- 3 T/s Pesto paste
- 1 T/s truffled balsamic vinegar
- 1 T/s plum dressing 
- 1/2 lime juice 
1. Rub the lamb cutlets in salt and pepper 
2. Marinade the lamb cutlets in honey
3. Get the beatened egg mixture and bread crumbs ready for rolling fun. 
4. Dip the lamb cutlets in the egg mixture, then roll it around in breadcrumbs. Pat off the excess.
5. Add some oil to the fry pan and brown the crushed garlic until fragrant.
6. Pan fry the crumbed lamb cutlets until golden. 
7. Mix 1 cup of Cous Cous with 1 cup of boiling hot water. Cover.
8. Uncover the Cous Cous and fluff up by stirring with a fork. 
9. Stir in the pesto paste.
10. Add the chopped tomato and French onion. Followered by a a dash of truffled balsamic vinegar, plum dressing and lime juice. 
11. Toss in the fresh rocket. Combine and mix well. 
12. Serve the lamb cutlets on the bed of Cous Cous Salad.
13. Served with smoky BBQ sauce.

A pretty sensational dish and we are like: Please Sir, can we have some more?~