Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cooking Lab - Pork Floss & Basil Egg Origiri (混ぜ御握り)

Why!!?? It's pouring with heavy rain on my precious Sunday?! It is so inconvenient and resulted to a very lazy morning. 

It's simple Onigiri breakfast time!

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!(^O^)

Onigiri is basically a simple combination of a ball of rice filled with some delicious meat, fish or vegetable fillings.

The traditional fillings are Ume (plum), tuna mix, seasoned shrimps or anchovies... Any side dishes/condiments (salty, sweet or spicy) on the the breakfast table would work fine. Or you can be creative and put in anything you fancy~
Moulding the perfect triangular shape takes skill - which I struggled and did mine so clumsily. So a perfect excuse to use the Onigiri mould set :$~
- Cooked Rice x 2 cups
- Nori seaweed sheets

*Plain rice is boring, so I am using the leftover Kinoko flavored rice instead - doesn't the mixed rice look so colourful and fun?

- Egg x 2
- Basil 50g
- White wine
- Salt
- Pork Floss
- Mentaiko Sauce
Making Quick Easy Basil Egg:
a) Put the egg,  Basil, dash of white wine and salt in the blender. Mix well.
b) Pour the egg mixture into the fry pan and shallow pan fry until golden and crispy.
c) Slice into thin slices.

All cast assembled ready to rock n roll!
1. Wet your hands to prevent rice sticking  to it.
2. Lay a cling wrap on the inside of the Onigiri mould, then filled with rice in both of the mould, making a dent in the middle to give space for filling.
3. Squeeze a bit of the Mentai mayonnaise, add the Basil egg slices then topped off with handful of pork floss.
4. Close the two together. 
5. Shake a bit to make sure the rice stick together.
6. Reveal and unwrap.

A pretty nice precise turn out :)
7. Wrap a seaweed around it.
8 Ready to serve. 
They may look simple and plain but it doesn't take long to discover the hidden treasures inside~