Friday, February 14, 2014

Cooking Lab - Kinoko Rice (山珍海味菇菇飯)

A quick and easy recipe to make at home. Dazzle up the plain white rice to something substantial and really tasty on its own.

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This is a simple Rice Cooker Cooking - Mixed Mushroom Rice where you let the trusty rice cooked do all the cooking.

Today I am using the convenient pack: Yamamori Rice Seasoning Sauce - Syakitto Kinoko Kamamesgino Moto (きのこ釜めし) 198g $4.99
Instructions (作リ方):
1. This recipe require 3 cups rice. 
2  Wash the rice as per normal.
3. Add the smaller package into the rice and mix well. (お米3合(180ml cup x 3)をとぎ「だし」を入れます。)
4. The amount of liquid to equate to the 3 cups mark.(白米を炊く時と同水加減に合わせ、よくかき混ぜます。)
5. Add the larger package (which contains all the mushrooms) into the rice. Mix well. (その中に「具」を入れ、かき混ぜずに、平らにして 炊 きあげます。)

6. Cook the rice as per normal. (炊きあがりましたら10分ほど蒸らしてください。)
There, doesn't the rice look lovely and delicious? The 5 different kind of mushrooms (Oyster, King trumpet, enoki, shimeji and shiitake mushrooms) bring a humble earthiness feel to the rice.
Sprinkle some sesame seed and seaweed flakes on top.

A great variety to the norm rice pot :)