Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cooking Lab: Lunch - Chicken Schnitzel Club Sandwich

If you ask me what is my favourite sandwich - my answer would be 'The Club Sandwich!' Why? Well, you get the best of everything!

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Today's Lunch - Chicken Schnitzel Club!

Taste amazing if you can fit all in!
An almighty club. Totally proud at my creation.^^ 
- BUTTERCUP - Country Split White Bread Loaf $1.99 (It gives the cottage feel and take me back to good humble days before all the fancy vitamin breads were introduced.)
- Chicken Schnitzel chuck pieces x 6
- Smoked Ham x 1 round piece 
- Button Mushroom x 3
- Marinated Olives
- Fresh Rocket Salad
- TASTY finely grated Cheddar Cheese
- FLORA butter light
- Salt & Pepper to serve
- Kiwi Fruit to garnish,
1. Spread some butter onto the bread slices. 
2. Lightly toast the breads in the toaster.
3. Place Smoked Ham first at the base (buttered side out) toped by some Rocket Leaves, then Chicken Schnitzel pieces and mushroom slices on top.
4.  Add a few marinated pitted olives. 
5. Followed by more rocket salad.
6. Lastly sprinkle a handful of the finely grated cheddar cheese on top.
7. Served with cracked pepper & Kiwi fruits.

Doesn't this look spectacular?!!
The cut cross-section looks deliciously yummy! Can't wait to take a bite!!

Awfully happy at my slip-slop-slap club sandwich:) All energized up for the afternoon - right after the food coma!!