Friday, September 12, 2014

Cooking Lab - Japanese Chawanmushi Custard with Scallops and Truffle

Enjoy a hearty delicate, smooth silky steamed egg Chawanmushi with Hokkaido scallops and black truffle shavings. Pure deliciousness!~ 

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

Silky and smooth~~


- 4 eggs 
- 4 large scallops 
- 4 fishballs 
- 20g fresh black truffle 
- 1 cup chicken stock 
- 1 teaspoon mirin 
- 1 tablespoon bonito soy sauce 
- 1/2 teaspoon chicken powder 
- 1/2 teaspoon white wine 
- Salt & pepper 


1. Whisk the eggs and strain.

2. Season with mirin, soy sauce and white wine.

3. Add in the chicken stock.

4. Season with chicken powder, salt and pepper.

5. Place a fish ball at the center of the bowl.

6. Divide the egg mixture into 4 equal portions.

7. Cover with aluminum wrap. Allow for Ventilation holes.

8. Steam for 10 minutes and turn the heat down.

9. Finely slice the scallops into tartare strips.

10. Add the scallop tartare stripes on top on the custards 3 minutes before done.

11. Remove the Chawanmushi bowls from the steamer.

12. Place it on a serving tray.

13. Freshly shave the black truffle on top.

14. Serve immediately.