Monday, September 8, 2014

Cooking Lab - Grilled Salmon Shirataki Soba Salad

It's Spring time! It's time for a lighter, healthier meal ~ 

Japanese shirataki noodles are renowned for its almost-zero calories. They are also known as 'miracle noodle'; and they are the most healthy, effective diet food you can have. 

Soba noodles have less calories and carbohydrates than your normal pasta or noodles. They are also great in decreasing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. 

I added grilled salmon to this diet dish recipe for protein value. 

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Diet food never looked so yummy! 
Weight loss is so easy!~


- 1 packet of shirataki noodle knots 
- 100g soba buckwheat noodles 
- 300g salmon fillets 
- 3 sourdough bread slices 
- 2 tomato 
- 10g micro herbs 
- 6 tablespoon roasted sesame salad dressing 
- 300g rocket and spinach salad 
- 1 small lime 
- 2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 
- Sea salt and black pepper 


1. Remove the shirataki noodles from the packet and rinse them under running cold water.

2. Boil shirataki noodles for 3 minutes. Drain.

3. Discard the water.

4. Cook the soba noodles in accordance to packet instructions.

5. Remove and set aside to cool.

6. Heat up the fry pan over medium heat.

7. Spray some extra-virgin olive oil on the salmon fillets.

8. Pan-grill the salmon until cooked.

9. Season with sea salt flakes and pepper. Set aside to cool.
10. Combined the cooled soba noodles with rocket and spinach salad.

11. Liberally add the roasted sesame salad dressing on top. Toss well to combine.

12. Arrange the shirataki noodles and tomato slices on the side of the salad bowl.

13. Flake the salmon fillets into fine pieces and scatter all on top of the salad.

Ok, I could not resist. I've got to have some carbs in my meal. So I am making croutons to add to the texture ...and satisfy my own craving. 

14. Drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil on the soudough bread. Bake until crispy and crunchy.

15. Cut into small cubes and add on top of the salad.

16. Sprinkle with ample seaweed flakes.

17. Garnish with micro-herbs and ready to be enjoyed!

18. Drizzle with some lime juice if you prefer a tangy refreshing taste.

This is a really healthy meal that will leave you full, light and energetic.