Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cooking Lab - Pesto Fettuccine w Sundried Tomato & Okra

The heatwave is stifling.
At least I am enjoying my day in my air-conditioned room.

Definitely need something light and refreshing. This is a perfect light meal or can be served as a main course.

Okra has a beautiful geometric shape and with a bright green colour and pearly seeds, it is a smash-looking vegetable!

What better way then to dress up an ordinary pesto pasta using these gorgeous Spring okra?!

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!'(^_^)v
This is a show stopper!! Stunning bright Spring Fettuccine in basil pesto sauce w sundried tomato stripes topped with okra, pine nuts, slivered almonds and shaved parmesan cheese to wow your guests!

Okra are quickly deep fried and then sliced into pretty star-like shapes.

(Trick: Fried okra will remove the usual slipperiness membrane and will impress those who are not fond of okra and enjoy all the prettiness and goodness it has to offer.)

Slice fried okra on the horizontal to make small pieces.