Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cooking Lab - Okra Salad w Natto Dressing

This is a perfect summer time salad or as a small side dishes. 

Okra has a 'slimy' attribute which are not favored by all. In Japan, Okra is part of the popular neba-neba food group: slippery, sticky or stringy. For me, I quite like the texture & taste. However, they can be an acquired taste for first timers.

It is believed that the sliminess have a hight nutrient value can was suggested that it can sooth ulcers and maintain a good digestive system.

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Japanese word for the Day:
ネバネバ (Meaning - Slimy gooey sticky).

(For example - Yamaimo 山芋 ーmountain yam when grated it is called tororo and it is very slimy.
Raw Egg Yolk 卵黄)

Many Japanese food dishes will specifically seek out neba neba-ness and seeks combinations to neba neba ingredients.
Remove stems from okra
Heat oil on high, fried okra quickly until colour brightened.

Garnish with dried bonito shavings and serve with natto in dashi shoyu.
Simple, quick, delicious and nutritious all at the same time .