Monday, October 14, 2013

Cooking Lab - Okra Beef Rolls in Red Wine & Dukkah オクラの肉巻き

オクラの肉巻き simply means okra wrapped in thinly sliced meat. These rolls are such fun to make, great looking and can gets as creative as you want to be.  

The choice of fillings are unlimited!! Carrots, beans, shallots ... anything! Just like Spring rolls- anything goes!

A fail-proof dish is deliciously amazing and wow your dinner guests!

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Tonight's Creation is the intriguing beef rolls filled with okra in aged red wine.

- Very thinly cut beef slices 300g
- Okra 12-16
- Red Wine
- Salt & Pepper
- Egg x 1
- Plain Flour
- Panko Breadcrumbs
- Dukkah
- Cheese & Fruits
- Salt & Pepper
Okra also known as lady's finger is a popular health food containing high fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant.

1. Prepare Okra by give them a good wash and trim off the heads and the ends. 
Getting the right meat is the only critical element - meat needs to be very thin and even cut slices. 

They are more readily available in speciality Asian supermarkets (or Japanese or Korean butchers).
2. The key is to lay out the thin beef slice in an even layer, leaving no gap holes - ensuring a uniform look.
(Tip: If the beef slice is torned, overlap with another slice, and you are as good as new!)
3. Lay 1 Okra on top of each beef slice.
4. Start rolling - as tight as possible.
5. Tuck in any loose ends and secure with a toothpick through the midsection.
(If it helps - it almost like rolling up a Spring Roll but with less pressures.)

Now okras are snuggly wrapped. All ready for a skinny dip in the special red wine jus concoction!
Tonight I am using the ROLLING 2011 Cabernet Merlot $13.29 for 750ml
(From NSW's Central Ranges. Full of dark berries and plums to achieve a smooth richness and wonderful flavor.)

6. Lightly beat an egg. Infuse the red wine into the egg mixture. 
The grand skinny dipping ceremony.
Now ready for the dip and roll fun!
7. Roll each wrapped okra in the plain flour.
8. Then dip the flour-coated beef rolls in the red wine egg mixture completely.
9. Quickly lift and coat the beef rolls in Panko breadcrumbs.
10. Dust off the excess and set aside.
11.Heat up the deep frier with canola oil in medium high. Add in a bit of salt.
Gentle slid the beef rolls in seam side down first! 
(Tip: this is important to avoid the beef slices fall apart during frying.)

12.Cook the beef rolls until the seam side is golden and sealed. Then gently roll onto the other side.

13.Ready when all 4 sides are crunchy and golden. 
14.Blot the excess oil on a papertowel and let them cool.
Looks good enough to eat already! 
But not quite yet - wait for the final touch ups!!

Cut them to reveal the mosaic-like star shape surface of the Okra. How pretty are they?!!!