Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dining - Q Dining @ Circular Quay

Add: Mezzanine Level, Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour, 61 Macquarie Street Sydney 2000
Got a special night at Sydney Opera House? We are spoiled for choice when it comes to pre-threatre dining around Circular Quay. Luckily, Q-Dining makes it easier with its fine-dining selection, gorgeous harbour view, and a romantic atmosphere.

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Q-Dining is located within the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour Hotel on the Mezzanine level. With the floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the harbour, you can see this intimate restaurant warmly lit up in its twinkling firework-like chandeliers from the harbour promenade. 
Sydney is particularly cold at Winter nights, but Q-Dining feels warm, cozy and inviting. The décor is classy to the core. 

When we arrived, the restaurant was already filled with pre-theatre diners and the atmosphere was kept to a gentle whisper. Everyone dressed elegantly for a splendid night-out and Q-Dining seemed to provide the perfect backdrop for an evening to remember.

這家餐廳坐落在雪梨著名的Circular Quay邊。佔地並不大。二樓的格中樓有出眾摩登氣氛。

We were shown to a table by the window where an uninterrupted harbour view spread out before us. Sydney looked stunning at night time with all the sparkling lights and the reflections by the iconic bridge. The view was certainly spectacular. 

I was already charmed by the enchanted setting before opening the menu. The menu looked great with strong focuses on fresh NSW produce. 

When you read in detail, you will note the chefs' innovation touches in each dish. After all, Aria is a stiff competition and located just around the corner. Q-Dining got to be vigilant to stay in the posh fine-dining game. 

Complementary soy & linseed bread

We were presented with complementary soy & linseed bread from a rustic bread basket. The bread was warm and filled with grainy goodness. Soon after, the waitstaff surprised us with another complementary appetizer.


Appetizer - Grilled Lamb with goat cheese curd.

The grilled Lamb with goat cheese curd was artfully placed on a quirky spoon.

The lamb was tender soft and it matched well with the salty goat cheese curd and the sweet marmalade. it was a good teaser to start off the meal. 

We did not order the pre-theatre set menu. Instead we ordered from the À la carte selection. 

這道贈送餐點是用來刺激我們的味蕾並期待正餐。一般餐廳不會提供這,只是在所謂的高級餐廳(Fine Dining Restaurants) 才會有的。主要是讓我們一探主廚的精湛手藝。


Entree - Braised Pork Cheek, Pan Roasted Moreton Bay Bug, Carrot Velouté $29.00

For entree, we ordered a Braised Pork Cheek, Pan Roasted Moreton Bay Bug, Carrot Velouté ($29) to start. The braised pork cheek was juicy, tender and flavoursome; while the pan roasted Moreton bug was pure deliciousness.

The 4 pig's ear cracking stripes were amazingly satisfying and added a pleasant texture to the dish. 

This was a great twist to your ordinary surf n turf dish.

Entree- Seared Bay Scallops, Black Pudding, Cauliflower $28.00

The next entree dish was the Seared Bay Scallops, Black Pudding, Cauliflower ($28). As expected, it was a small serving but it was beautifully executed. 

These scallops were perfectly seared, plump and juicy. Together with cauliflower puree, the scallops tasted very light yet creamy on the palate. A disk of black pudding sausage was placed on top of the scallops which added saltiness and flavour. 

Main - Roasted Spatchcock, Iberico and Corn Croquette, Honey-scented Sweet Potato $39.00

Our main arrived with a perfect short pause of timing. The Roasted Spatchcock ($39) served with Iberico ham & corn croquette and honey-scented sweet potato was presented on a heavy stone plate and it was quite spectacular.

The spatchcock was crispy and very flavoursome; while the fried croquette ball was quite tasty and moreish. But somehow the overall taste reminded me of fried chicken and fried potato. Although the dish was plated elegantly, I felt this dish was more like a street food with a fine dining price tag.

Main - Duck Breast, Confit Thigh, Rhubarb Mostardo, White Polenta $44.00

The other main we ordered was the Duck Breast ($44) it was served with confit thigh, rhubarb mostardo and white polenta. 

This duck dish was cooked perfectly, it was soft and moist with a slight pink at the centre. The white polenta tasted lovely together with the duck breast and rhubarb reduction added sweetness to the dish. Overall, I thought it was a splendid combination and a delightful dish to have. 

The tables were way too close for our liking. We don't appreciate other table 'distract' us from our dining experience; and we certainly do not need to hear all the conversations of adjacent diners.

We were so full after 2-courses and decided to skip dessert.

We headed straight to the theatre afterward and I must say Q-Dining was a great dining venue to impress. The harbour view and the food were pretty mesmerizing.

Off to Dendy Opera Quay to watch the Yves Saint Laurent movie.

An interesting film about the life of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Talented to be sure. YSL met his partner, Pierre Berge, together they created the YSL company and revolutionize the world of fashion. The movie is about fashion, style, craziness and recklessness lifestyle of a genius.


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