Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cooking Lab - Kale & Beef Omelette w Blue Cheese

Happy 2014!!
After last night's party & firework spectacular, most opted for a sleep-in this morning.

It the first day of the new year, what better way to start the day and the year with a goodness-filled breakkie?!!

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

This is one hands-down omelette. Packed with super-healthy Kale, beef mince and creamy blue cheese, laced with white wine & truffle oil!! Oops  :)
- Eggs x 3 (Fresh eggs from the barnyard!)
- Milk
- White wine
- White truffle oil
- Butter
- Kale leaves 
- Beef sausage mince
- Blue Cheese

1. Roughly chop Kale leaves.
2. Minced the leftover cooked beef sausages in the food processor.
3. Throughly beaten the eggs and add some milk. Today is a special occasion, so drizzle in some white wine & truffle oil.
4. Melt the butter in the pan on low-medium heat.
5. It's a half and half Omelett, cook Kale & minced beef as shown so that the half stay separated.
6. Pull the pan off the heat to allow to cool as the eggs will be added next.
7. Once the pan has cooled a little, add the egg mixtures to cover all ingredients.
8. Once the eggs have set a little, lift the pan off the stove and shake & swirl the pan a little so that the Omelett isn't sticking.
9.Tilt the pan to the sides so the running yolk go over to the edges of the pan.
10. When the eggs are almost done, add the blue cheese.
11. Fold in halves when cheese has melted.
Volià!  Breakfas is ready!
Garnish with some French onions, Basil, tomato & Avocardo. Salt & pepper to season. Yum~

Very morish indeed! Creamy blue cheese goes well with Kale. 
An energy-packed morning goodness to start the year! It's going to be a fantastic year!!