Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cooking Lab - Camembert Chicken Sausage Dinner w Whole Bean Salad & Kale Chips

Dinner doesn't get any easier and gourmet than this - and yes, I am opting a quick lazy dinner preparation. 

A couple of friends are coming over for dinner and do our annual Christmas gift exchange. As the host for this year - I left really to the last minutes. So it was rush rush, go, go go!

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Simple, yet a perfect cool Summer night meal - Camembert & sautéed Onion Chicken sausages with beans salad. Served with olive bread & Kale chips!
Camembert Cheese & Sautéed Onion Free Range Chicken Sausages $7.99/420g

(In rich Camembert cheese melded together with sautéed onions) from Woolworth's Gold Gourmet Selections 
While I was having trouble to come up with a dinner theme tonight- there was free tastings at Woolies to introduce their new gold gourmet range sausages. - Problem solved!!

There was a wide range of gourmet artisan sausages. All sounded fancy and schmancy!

I picked the chicken range because no one really can fault chicken sausages. 

1. Grill/cook sausages until golden.
Watch for the oozing Camembert cheese!

Too perfect!! Delicious and different.

Now got a main - need to think up the sides to go with it.

Last year, they went all out for the annual Christmas dinner, to reciprocate I can't just serve loose garden salad leaves and mash....that would be seen not trying at all ..... (even though I am not really ...)

Got to show some effort - hence the Superfood Kale Chips as one of the sides!

See the previous Cooking Lab for recipe instructions!!

This was such a big hit, my guests were health conscious and absolutely adored this! They munched away almost half of the Kale chips before I can save some for the main meal... 
Rustic Kalamata Olive baguette $3.00

Freshly baked soft baguette, perfect with dips or as Brushetta.

Whole Bean Salad - Sweet Potato, mixed beans, corn kernel, apple cider vinegar & extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper.
Ta-ta!!! Not too bad an effort. I hope*
My take on the 1 meat and 3 veggies dinner solution.
The chicken sausages tasted divine with the salty Kale chips and the olive bread. The tangy beans salad balanced flavor. 

Quick, simple and yet stunning. Judging by the clean plates....I think I passed.
Next time - I seriously will put more effort into it ( ..I think I said that the year before :)