Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cooking Lab - Open Sandwich w Cured Salmon & Medley Tomatoes

What do you do if you are awake early on  Sunday morning? I start thinking what yummy weekend breakfast we can have.

Weekends are special as opposed to weekdays where we just rush go-go. Weekends mean leisurely mornings, do things at your own pace and just appreciate everything in life. 

This weekend's head-line news are depressing, tragic actually. Disaster strikes unexpectedly and without doubt, sadness and shock spread globally. 

I wish peace to the families.

It sure makes you realize, everyday is precious, you will never know what tomorrow brings. Embrace the day and enjoy what you love best. 

Let go of the pettiness. 

(c) GMV - Got My Vote!

What started out to be a simple house-cured salmon gravlax appetizer, turned into a multi-grain artisan open sandwich. I love these 'accidental' creations :) 

Love a bit of salmon in the morning? 
The mixed medley tomato combination is actually really good. 

This is a special humble sandwich topped with cream cheese, not-too-thin house-cured Pimms salmon gravlax, a handful of fresh and delicate mixed medley tomato and fried capers on top. 

This is a 
super yummy open sandwich and one of the best things about Spring. 


- 150g Pimms-cured salmon
- 6 slices of bread 
- 150g mixed medley tomato 
- 50g snow pea shoots 
- 3 tablespoon cream cheese 
- 10g French onion 
- 20g baby capers 
- 1 small Cara Cara navel orange 
- 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 
- Pink salt & pepper to season


1. Drizzle some olive oil on the breads.

2. Warm up the bread in the oven until toasty.

3. While the breads are in the oven, finely slice the Pimms-cured salmon.

4. Liberally spread cream cheese on one side of the toasty bread.

5. Top that with generous salmon slices.

6. Followed by thinly-sliced French onion and a handful of halved medley tomatoes.

7. Scatter a handful of snow pea shoots on top.

8. Garnish with fried capers.

9. Season with pink salt and black pepper.

10. Top with the other slice of bread or eat it open face.

11. Serve with a salmon twirl and a wedge of Cara Cara navel orange.

It is a generous perfect sandwich on a beautiful weekend.