Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fun - Sydney Festival 2015 (雪梨夏季慶典)

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Where: Hyde Park North
Time: 9am -9pm


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As part of the 2015 Sydney Festival, the Festival Village at Hyde Park North is buzzing with various musical performances, art attractions, gourmet food sampling and fun activities from 8th of January until the 26th of January 2015. 

This year, the Festival Village is also bringing Family Week into the Village (from the 20th to 25th of January 2015). The family friendly Week will be jam packed with fun free programs to suit every age. 

You can relax in the City of Sydney's leafy Lawn Library for story time, children's art activities, music jams and more. Or you can grab a ticket from the box office to see one of the fabulous shows in the world famous Spiegeltent or the Aurora Spiegelten tent.

Otherwise proceed with a hungry stomach. Here are some of the impressive foodie highlights from 2015 Festival Village:

Want to walk down the childhood memory-lane? Then check out Sherri and Candy's pop-up retro milk bar. It serves all the old-time favorite treats like milkshakes, slushies, waffles and ice cream sundaes. Sometimes the classics are still the best.

In the spirit of the Sydney Festival, the famed Italian restaurant Puntino Tratoria is serving delicious Italian street food to us. 

The glazed roast pork belly rolls, the traditional meatballs and those freshly shaved prosciutto are worth the wait. 

If you like a cheese toasty, then it is definitely worth to check out the Cheesesmith stand. It is a small specialized exotic cheese company that offers a wide range of cheese boards and oozing cheese toasties to satisfy the hungry crowds.

Do you want to know a scientific formula to make a perfect cheesy toastie? I know you do. You will need 50g grated hard cheese, 10mm thick sourdough in a grill temperature of 115C (the distance from the grill is 18cm) and 4 minutes cook time. Result: a perfect $7 melty cheese toast and it is totally yum. 

You want something outrageous? How about a Messina's gelato burger? Yes, it is definitely an interesting combination: an ice-cream dessert that looks awfully like a cheese burger. 

The Royale with Cheese ($10) contains milk chocolate gelato pattie layered with white chocolate cheese, passionfruit 'mustard' and raspberry 'ketchup', served in a warm brioche bun.

The Royale with Cheese $10

This ice-cream burger is surreal. It looks just like an oozing cheese burger but the sweet chocolate ice cream is exactly NOT what you would imagine in mind.

The Nutty Piefessor ($8 per slice) is another dessert you should give it a go. It contains peanut butter biscuit base layered with peanut custard, vanilla gelato, peanut crunch and topped with whipped cream.

No wonder why the line is so long here.

There are plenty of bar to choose from if you fancy a drink. The Kirin Bar is another highlight of the Festival Village, featuring the artwork Bit.Fall by Julius Popp. As seen at the London 2012 Olympic Village and MONA, where bursts of water droplets are released at split-second intervals.

Kirin launches a new, distinctive 'Japan-inspired' premium cider exclusively in Australia. The Fuji Apple and Ume cider ($15) tastes exciting and refreshing crisp. The combination of Umé (Japanese plum) brings out a subtle sourness to the cider. It is a perfect summer time drink with 4% alcohol volume.

As you head out, be sure to check out street artist Maser's giant art installation 'Higher Ground'. This artwork rises up from the Hyde Park lawn and reaching over two storeys high. You can walk through the colourful MC Escher-inspired maze and be sure to bring your camera to capture the fun moments.

The Festival Village is the perfect oasis of music, food and magic in Sydney this summer.The Festival Village is centrally located and is only a short walk from St James, Museum and Town Hall Stations.

You will have every reason to celebrate the beautiful summer days and nights in the centre of our city.

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